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Chemistry 1B

1. Syllabus
2. Student Lab Safety Procedure
3. General Solubilty Rule
4. Periodic Table & Important Constants
5. Laboratory Checkout Check List
6. Chemistry Lecture Videos




Lab Procedures & Worksheets

Please log on to Canvas to download Chem1B worksheets.

Please practice the following tests yourself without looking at the keys.
2011            2015 (Spring)         2015 (Fall)        2017 (Spring)
Midterm1               Midterm1           Midterm1           Midterm1                         Midterm2             Midterm2               Midterm2          Midterm2
Midterm3            Midterm3             Midterm3            Midterm3                    Final                       Final                       Final                Final

Keys to the above practice tests. Please practice the test yourself before looking at the keys.
2011                   2015 (Spring)                   2015 (Fall)                 2017 (Spring)
Midterm1                Midterm1                   Midterm1                Midterm1
Midterm2                Midterm2                  Midterm2                Midterm2
Midterm3                Midterm3                   Midterm3                Midterm3
Final                       Final                          Final                       Final
Lecture Powerpoint Files
(My class lecture is different than the powerpoint files.
You may try out by printing out one chapter if it is helping
you. Then decide if you want to print the other chapters. )
Molecular Geometry
Bonding Theory
Organic Chemistry
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Equilibria
Acids & Bases
Aqueous Equlibria
Entropy & Free Energy
Main Group Elements
Transition Elements
Nuclear Chemistry